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Dedicated to the Flavor,

Dedicated to the Community!

Our Mission

Every company needs a dream. Ours is to help those who have a great cause and a clear path to get there. For years while serving in the military, my passion was helping those in need. From the beginning we have set out to make that same difference, assisting those struggling to make this world a better place for themselves and those around them.

Red Truck Coffee Co. donates to reputable, effective charities and organizations. Each year we select an organization and contribute to. RTCC has a sincere dedication to the betterment of families everywhere.
 In 2019', we provided Family Programs Hawaii donations to support the Enhancements program. Which enhances the lives of youth who are at risk, in foster care, or have been abused or neglected

Coffee is the vehicle, our passion, and we work hard every day to make it a great experience for each of our customers. We donate our time, services, and a percentage of our sales to helping families in Hawaii.

Mobile Espresso Bar

Allow Red Truck to host your next event with drive up service. A full menu option with espresso, coffee, various beverages, and a french pastry menu. Our vehicles are 100% self sufficient and can pull into an event, open our doors, and begin service within a couple of minutes. 


Next time you are looking for a high-end beverage service, and a very unique way to host, schedule our truck service for your upcoming event. 



Consider something out-of-the-truck for your next corporate event, meeting, conference, or gathering. We provide coffee and tea catering for a wide variety of events and groups. Our main goal is to provide every guest with a delicious coffee drink, presented beautifully.


Festivals, galas, birthdays  weddings, luaus, product launches... Wherever you are, we'll come to you! Treat your guests to a new and delicious experience that in turn supports the community. And - if you're looking for something just a level up, consider our sister catering company.  

Chandla and Mari's Wedding, Ohia Farms, July 2019

"The Red Truck made a big impact with the wedding. The drinks were fantastic and as you said, you would be there with a great attitude and smiles. Thank you for everything!"

~Mrs. Martinez                     

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