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Our Story

It began as a quest to find a great coffee

We started our search and quickly found a great cup can be difficult to get to on a consistent basis and finding parking could be even harder. That’s when we decided to open a mobile espresso bar, focusing on quality, service, and bringing the best drinks to our customers.


In 2017, Red Truck Coffee Company (RTCC) began a successful mobile coffee business in Oahu, Hawai'i. We started with just a one-van operation, but with a strong idea, people’s search of great coffee, the concept came at the right time and the launch of our first van in the Honolulu area was a success.


We continue to evolve our offerings. Since opening, we have refined our Hawaiian coffees and signature blends. In our second year we set out to put our micro batch roasted coffees in the hands of more customers by creating our own line of craft coffees.


We look forward to sharing our passion with you.


RTCC is a Disabled Veteran and Hawaii owned and operated business with a special mission.

Redefining Food & Event Production

It's Personal

 We will work with you to

create a menu that fits your
taste, budget and style.

Signature Style

Fantastic food and Drink

Expert coordination
Gracious service

Our Commitment

Locally sourced produce and the freshest ingredients means food that is exceptional in taste.

Want to learn more about how to make a great cup of coffee? Check out our videos on 

Aloun Farms Pumpkin Festival, July 2019

"Michael, you and your team exceeded my every expectation. The drinks and food were not only delicious but so well presented...thank for putting in the hours. Looking forward to next years events, hope you can be a part of it again."

~Aloun Staff and Friends                     

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